Vehicle Interior Repair

  • Check instruments, gauges, warning lights
  • Check horn
  • Check windscreen wipers
  • Check Adblue/Eolys warning light
  • Check interior lights
  • Check clutch operation (manual only)
  • Reset service light

Vehicle Exterior

  • Check exterior lights & lamps
  • Check doors – operation and condition
  • Check boot – operation and condition
  • Check fuel cap – operation and condition
  • Check mirrors – operation and condition

Pre Alignment Check

  • Check steering, suspension linkages and ball joints for wear, damage and condition
  • Suspension – check shock absorbers & springs
  • Full tyre inspection (tread, pressure and alignment check)
  • TPMS inspection

Under the bonnet

  • Check battery
  • Check battery wiring
  • Test electrics (battery, alternator, starter motor)
  • Check coolant level (strength and condition)
  • Check brake fluid (boiling point and condition)
  • Check bonnet catch operation
  • Check brake pipes & hoses

Under the Vehicle

  • Visual brake check
  • Full brake inspection
  • Check fuel pipes for routing, damage & corrosion
  • Check engine, transmission and rear axle Train Drive
  • Check drive shaft joints and gaiters for wear and damage
  • Check exhaust system and mountings